Long Rider Drovers Coat

The Timeless Australian Drovers Coat

Australian Drovers Coat The oilskin drovers coat, worn by Australia’s most well-natured group, has been the subject of anecdotes and yarns since it graced our shores. There have been stories of providing protection against a venomous bite for the unsuspecting wearer.
Why You Should Choose An Oilskin Coat This Winter

Why You Should Choose An Oilskin Coat This Winter

Winter is coming. Literally. And while we may not be facing some creepy fantasy creatures with the change of seasons, the reality of embracing winter for the next few months...
July 29, 2021 — Silva Digital
Strom Jacket

Must-Have Oilskin Coats This Winter

Must-Have Oilskin Coats This Winter As soon as the breeze turns cold, you know your coat rack will get more action this time of the year. Dressing for winter is...
a detailed guide on how to reproof oilskin coat

A Detailed Guide on How to Reproof Oilskin Coat

Oilskin coats are an investment. With proper care and maintenance, an oilskin coat can last for many, many years. They are the perfect addition to any outfit and highly versatile...
December 02, 2020 — Lea W
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