Best Horse Riding Trails in Australia

The Australian landscape is known for its variety and beauty, making it an ideal destination for horse riding enthusiasts. Whether you're searching for the Arctic or Arabia, and everything in between, the sunburnt country has you covered. As the people who craft our wares for those not afraid of the outdoors, here's our list for when you want to get your trot on:

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  1. Snowy Mountains:

For those seeking a temperate climate with mountain views out of Lord of the Rings, we recommend the Snowy Mountains in NSW. With its Alpine trails and snow-capped peaks, the region is a paradise for horseback riders looking for a challenging and scenic ride. The Kosciuszko National Park, located inside the region, offers some of the best high country for horse riding in Australia, offering a variety of terrains and vistas to explore. Moreover, the region is home to the legendary Wild Brumbies, meaning more friends for your horse, a sight that would make Banjo Patterson proud. With its stunning natural beauty and rugged terrain, the Snowy Mountains are a must-visit destination for any horse riding enthusiast. We recommend wrapping yourself in a Workhorse Drovers Coat, designed to keep everything from your shoulders to the shins warm, to keep you warm and at home as the local Brumbies.

  1. Cape Tribulation

Located in far north Queensland, Cape Tribulation is a stunning destination that offers a unique and unforgettable experience for a ride in a tropical rainforest. The region is home to the world-famous Daintree National Park, providing a magnificent backdrop that would make Ernest Hemingway jealous. The coastal trails and beach rides allow riders to explore the beautiful coastline, with spectacular views of the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef. The combination of stunning natural beauty and the opportunity to ride on beaches and through rainforests make Cape Tribulation a must-visit destination for you and your horse. As you’ll be battling that harsh North Queensland sun and humidity, we recommend bringing along a Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka, for extensive and light protection from the rays.

  1. The Otway Ranges

The Otway Ranges, situated in Victoria, is a beautiful mix of the above two; a temperate climate like the Snowy Mountains, with dense cold weather rainforest with a density like Cape Tribulation. The region boasts of lush forests, majestic waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas of the Great Ocean Road. Horseback riding in this beautiful part of Victoria is a unique way to experience the region's natural beauty. Riders can explore the rich fauna and flora of the area as they travel through the beautiful fern gullies and forests. They can ride to the Cape Otway Lighthouse, which is perched on a dramatic cliff, and enjoy the spectacular ocean views. The waterfalls that cascade down the hillsides add a touch of magic to the already stunning scenery. As the climate is cool and damp, we recommend the Storm Drover's Jacket, to keep you dry and comfortable as you navigate this incredible area. 

  1. Margaret River

The “Margs”, located in Western Australia, is a popular destination for wine lovers, but it's also an ideal place for horse riding enthusiasts. The region's stunning natural beauty, beautiful Mediterranean style landscapes, and exciting trails make it a perfect destination for those who love horse riding. The area is renowned for its vineyards, and riders can test their coordination as they trot and treat themselves to some outstanding plonk. Coastal tracks offer breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, and riders can even spot dolphins and whales in the distance. The Boranup Forest provides a peaceful and serene environment, and riders can wander through the majestic karri trees, streams, and ferns. The region is also home to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, which offers stunning Indian Ocean views. The Margaret River region is a must-visit destination for horse riding enthusiasts, with its diverse landscape, thrilling trails, and excellent wine region.

  1. Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains, located just west of Sydney, holds a special appeal for horse riding enthusiasts seeking a mesmerising riding experience. The region's remarkable features, such as the iconic sandstone cliffs, expansive eucalyptus forests, and picturesque valleys like Megalong Valley and Grose Valley, provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for horseback exploration. Riders can traverse the rugged terrain, immersing themselves in the beauty of the gorges and mountains while enjoying breathtaking views. The famous Three Sisters rock formation stands as a testament to the region's natural wonders, offering a remarkable sight as riders pass through the area. With its hills steeped with historic frontier towns packed with quality eateries and expanses of wilderness, it offers a wonderful weekend away on horseback. Layer up with one of our Kiwi Vests which allows free movement for your arms while keeping your body warm.

  1. Kangaroo Island

The island, located off the coast of South Australia, is a captivating destination that holds immense appeal for any traveller, particularly those on horseback. The island's unique charm lies in its abundance of wildlife encounters, coastal dunes, and pristine natural beauty. As paved roads are limited, the horse offers the best opportunities to see what the island has to offer. Horseback riding on the island allows riders to witness the diverse wildlife up close, including kangaroos, wallabies, and sea lions. Exploring the coastal dunes while riding along secluded beaches provides a sense of tranquility and connection with nature. The Flinders Chase National Park offers riders the opportunity to navigate through picturesque landscapes and discover iconic landmarks like the Remarkable Rocks, a breathtaking formation carved by nature. With its remarkable wildlife, stunning coastal scenery, and secluded beaches, Kangaroo Island offers a truly unforgettable horse riding experience.

  1. Kakadu National Park

Our namesake, this beauty in the Northern Territory encapsulates the outback’s charm. The park's appeal lies in its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and diverse wildlife. As riders explore the vast expanses, they are surrounded by ancient Aboriginal rock art, depicting stories and traditions that date back thousands of years. Riding through the park's wetlands and billabongs, riders can witness an abundance of birdlife and other unique animals in their natural habitat. The dramatic escarpments add a sense of grandeur to the journey, with breathtaking views stretching as far as the eye can see. One iconic landmark that should not be missed is Ubirr, a sacred site that showcases stunning rock art and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Make sure you pack a wide brim hat as the sun can be brutal in these parts.

  1. Cradle Mountain

Nestled in the heart of Tasmania, this landmark is an enchanting destination that holds immense appeal for horse riding enthusiasts seeking a true wilderness experience. The region's breathtaking mountain vistas and pristine alpine moorlands provide a picturesque backdrop for exhilarating rides. Exploring the trails, riders can venture towards the iconic Crater Lake, a serene body of water nestled in the rugged landscape. For those seeking a more challenging adventure, the legendary Overland Track offers an unforgettable multi-day horse riding experience through the World Heritage Area. We recommend gearing up with a Kakadu Long Rider Coat for when the temperature drops down in this part of the country.

  1. Cape York Peninsula

Located at the tippity-top of Queensland, the Cape York Peninsula is as frontier as it gets. Its appeal lies in the untouched and remote wilderness that stretches across the vast landscape. Riders can embark on exhilarating journeys through dense rainforests, traversing challenging terrains and immersing themselves in the untamed beauty of the region. The Bloomfield Track, a renowned off-road trail, provides a thrilling route that winds through the rugged terrain and offers stunning views of the Great Dividing Range. For those seeking an ultimate equestrian adventure, reaching the tip of Australia is a bucket-list achievement.

May 08, 2023 — melissa whillas