Microwax Reproofing Creme 220G

Even the toughest need a little TLC sometimes.

Kakadu oilskins are built to last, capable of enduring all manner of harsh weather conditions and tasks. A whack of MicroWax Reproofing Creme from time to time will keep your Kakadu good as new.

For touch-up jobs - on seams, elbows and other friction points - all that needs to be done is to rub some of the MicroWax into the affected area with a clean rag until its covered then hang to dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. For the whole garment, the level of wear will dictate how often you'll need to reproof but if you're really pushing it to the limits then we recommend every two years. Unless you have a thing for car detailing, your best bet is to stand the whole can of MicroWax in hot water and, when liquid, paint the entire garment with a clean brush until it is well coated especially the seams. Hang the same way you would for touch-up jobs.

And whilst your Kakadu is drying you can catch up on a little R&R yourself.

Size: 220g / 7.8oz.

What is Microwax reproofing cream?

The art is in the blending of hard and soft waxes that allow the garment to be pliable enough without cracking and still stop wind and rain without leaking, but firm enough not to migrate so it all does not end up running to the bottom of the garment. This is the reason that oilskin rarely transfers onto other surfaces from your garment.

Sizes: LARGE

Style #: 3A06

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