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A chinstrap on a hat is not everyone's cup of tea, but if the wind picks up or you just want to keep your hat handy when you're out and about then pick up one of our attachable leather chinstraps.

The great feature of the Kakadu chinstrap is that as well as going under your chin to stop frontal or side winds from blowing your hat off, our chinstrap also runs around the back of your head to stop the wind from the rear blowing your hat off also - a double win.

Fitted with a leather panel for comfort and an adjustable slide so you can hang your hat where you want, it fits onto all Kakadu leather, kangaroo and suede hats that have a built-in chinstrap facility.


Fabric Type: Cowhide leather

Sizes: One size

Customer Reviews

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Top quality chinstrap for your kakadu hats (brumby shapeable)

Top quality chinstrap for your kakadu hats (brumby shapeable)


Very nice ,but I didn't get my gift card🤔🤔🤔

Necessity in the wind

Great company to deal with. No instructions on how to attach chinstrap, but able to work out how to attach to hat so it doesn't matter which way the wind blows,
the hat is safe from being blown away. Great idea!!

Australian Made

Love to support local. Craftsmanship is excellent. Didn't quite figure out how to use the shin strap, so removed the oval leather piece and very happy. Bought it as an anniversary gift for my husband so was concerned about sizing. But it fitted perfectly. he used to own an Acubra but this is tops! Pure leather in total. Love it!

Must have accessory

Didn't realise my Echuca hat already came with one so now I've got an extra - surprised by how well the design works. Has already saved my hat while I was out on the water in some strong wind.
Great design - great quality - super comfortable