Slip on a pair of boot Guards, covers or gators as they're sometimes known - to protect your feet from dirt, dust grass seeds, straw and water, and since they're made from the same tough stuff as our coats it means your tootsies stay clean and dry until you clock out for the day.

Fabric type: 12oz. MicroWax Oilskin with Cowhide Leather

Sizes: One size fits more

Understanding MicroWax
Products made using the MicroWax cloth are as tough as they come- showerproof, windproof & breathable. Since the blend is not water soluble, any incidence of water that touch's just simply runs straight off. The use of a super tight weave of cotton canvas ensures that it is completely windproof. The breathability arises from the fabrics crystalline structure which varies and aligns with an increase of body heat, thereby allowing sweat in the form of water vapour to escape.

Style #: 8A09

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Type: Accessories

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