Bendigo Breeze Hat with Peafowl Scarf

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The Bendigo Breeze Hat with Peafowl Scarf features:
  • UPF 50+
  • Classic Block
  • Removable peafowl scarf
  • Mossback Suede Leather with Mesh
  • Ventilation mesh
  • Chinstrap facility
  • Brim: 7.5 cm
  • Crown: 8.5 cm
  • Australian Made


Strap on your boots and grab your gear, 'cause the Bendigo Breeze with Peafowl Scarf is here to add a splash of bush charm to your rugged outdoor adventures! Perfect for the explorer who isn't afraid to stand out in the crowd or blend into the wild, this hat is as versatile as it is stylish.

This dinky-di piece of Aussie headwear comes in four robust colours: the rich earthiness of brown, the deep mystery of dark brown, the soft subtlety of sand, and the boldness of black. Each colour is designed to complement the natural beauty of our great outdoors, making it a perfect fit for any bush, beach, or backyard outing.

Made from durable Mossback Suede Leather and fitted with a breathable mesh, the Bendigo Breeze is built tough, just like the Aussies who wear it. Whether you're tackling a scorching day in the outback or a chilly morning in the high country, this hat keeps your head protected from the elements with a UPF 50+ rating and plenty of ventilation to keep the cool breeze flowing.

But let's talk about the showstopper—the removable Peafowl Scarf. This stunning accessory isn't just for looks; it’s a functional piece of flair that brings a bit of the wild into your wardrobe. Inspired by the vivid colours and patterns of the majestic peafowl, this scarf can be styled to suit your mood or the occasion, making it as adaptable as it is attractive.

With a classic block design that never goes out of style, a practical chinstrap to keep things secure when the wind picks up, and a brim of 7.5 cm paired with a crown of 8.5 cm, this hat is a true testament to Aussie craftsmanship and ingenuity.

So whether you're out for a hike, heading to a barbecue, or just enjoying a lazy day by the river, throw on the Bendigo Breeze with Peafowl Scarf and embrace the spirit of adventure that runs through every Aussie's veins. This isn’t just a hat—it’s a mate for life.

Style #: 9H13SP

Material & Care

Mossback Suede

Premium quality bovine leather where the topside has a velvet like texture, giving it a soft handle. The underside of the hide is buffed to provide shape and stability to the hat.


  • Do not wash or dry clean – gently brush to remove dirt and restore nap.
  • Use a suede eraser or brush for marks.
  • Waterproofing sprays may be used to enhance water and stain resistance.
  • Avoid exposure to wet conditions to prevent stains and damage.
  • Avoid leaving leather goods in a hot car where the high temperatures may affect the quality and finish of the leather.
  • A good rule of thumb is - if it's too hot to touch, then it's too hot for your hat!

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Great hat, fits, feels and looks awesome!