Roo Allrounder Aviator Hat

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This fine piece of headwear is any winter warrior’s dream! Prepare to take your frosty escapades to new heights with the Roo Allrounder—a hat that's as tough and versatile as the aviators of old. This bestseller is not your run-of-the-mill headgear; it's a masterpiece of a head warmer that'll make even the sheep jealous.

Crafted from the most rugged of hides—tough grain kangaroo leather—the Roo Allrounder is built to brave the wildest elements. And let's not forget the plush, genuine kangaroo fur trim—it's so cozy, you'll feel like a joey in its mother’s pouch. 

Our aviator block design ensures maximum warmth and protection, so you can face blustery winds and frosty chills head-on without batting an eyelid. Those side eyelets? They're not just for show —they're there to sharpen your hearing and keep you alert and on your toes. This aviator hat is the real deal, handcrafted right here on our sun-kissed shores. With genuine kangaroo leather and fur, it's a true testament to the tried and true indigenous materials of this fair land.

So, fellow adventurers and budding aviators, brace yourselves for anything winter has to throw at you. Slip on the Roo Allrounder, feel the ruggedness of the kangaroo leather, and let the plush fur hug your ears like a koala hugging the eucalyptus. This hat is your ticket to conquering the coldest of terrains with style and a touch of classic elegance. Get amongst it, and show winter who's top of the pack!

The Roo Allrounder Aviator Hat features:
  • Australian Made.
  • Aviator Block.
  • Side eyelets for hearing.
  • Genuine kangaroo Leather.
  • Genuine kangaroo fur trim.

Style #: 12H25K

Customer Reviews

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tRooly warm and spectacular

As with all the goods i have purchased from Kakadu, i was not disappointed this time either.
Super warm and snug, a perfect fit.
Craftsman finish made with care and careful delivery to me here in the UK…


It’s so warm, it’s quality finish with real Roo skin and fur,
I strongly recommend following the hat sizing, Get the right fit

Very Happy

I spent the extra money - expensive hat - as it is Aussie made and genuine leather which should last a long time. Bought in October ready for next winter. Hat was dispatched and arrived quickly and was exactly as appeared online (which is great in itself!!). Looks high quality and well made. Very happy with my purchase.

Great product

My warmest hat ever, don't need a scarf or ear muffs. A must for heli camping. Plus wear it backwards with all flaps down for maximum protection.

Great hat

I got this hat because I get cold ears, and when I get cold ears I get a headache. This hat is great. My ears no longer get cold, but my head doesn’t get too hot either. Also very comfortable. Really well made, looks like it will last a long time.