Keep it natural and functional are two beliefs we take seriously in our line of work. Our ultra lightweight canvas hat collection is right at home under the strong Aussie sun or on those long hikes to secret beaches in Thailand. When the temperatures soar and the sun’s rays are at their strongest, try one of our canvas hats with ventilation mesh to keep you protected while letting the breeze through to cool you down. For those a bit light on hair we have a canvas with half mesh to protect the front of your head while letting out the heat from the back. Did we mention that they’re Australian made at a decent price? 


Available with wide brim protection to keep the sun of your face and back for longer, you’ll thank us later after taking one of these on your next hard earned tropical island holiday on the equator.

Roll one up and pack it on your next assignment as it will no doubt come in handy wherever duty leads you. Available in wide range of sizes and an assorted pallet of colours such as Tan, Green and Brown our canvas, our canvas hat collection is suitable for both men, women and kids. 


Are you a wholesale or retailer looking to buy our Canvas and Soaka hats? For nearly half a century we have been a reliable hat manufacturer and outerwear supplier so feel free to give us a call on +61 2 970 3555 and talk to a member of our helpful staff.