Big Jim's Bush Hat

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Big Jim's Leather Bush Hat Features:
  • UPF 50+
  • Classic Block
  • Kakadu metal badge
  • Chinstrap facility
  • Wide Brim: 9 cm
  • Crown: 8.5 cm
  • Now available in XS - 53cm and 3XL - 65cm
  • Australian Made


Strap yourself in, because Big Jim's Bush Hat is here, and it's tougher than a wallaby’s left hook! Crafted for the rugged blokes and fierce sheilas who aren’t strangers to a bit of dirt under the fingernails, this hat is your new best mate in the great Aussie outdoors.

This isn’t just any hat; it’s a fortress against the sun, made with rugged cowhide leather that can stand up to the harshest bush bashing you can muster. With a wide brim measuring a sturdy 9 cm, it’s like walking with your own personal patch of shade. And with a UPF 50+ rating, Big Jim’s got your back (and your face, and your neck) covered when the sun's beating down like a snare drum at a bush dance.

Available in earthy brown, smoky tobacco, and a slick black, this hat comes ready for any adventure, whether you're tracking through the Tanami or just having a barbie in the backyard. Each colour is as Aussie as damper on the coals, perfect for blending into our vast landscapes or standing out at the local.

Big Jim’s sports a classic block that suits most faces, designed to sit snug on your noggin while you wrangle cattle or wrassle with the fishing gear. Ventilation eyelets let your scone breathe easier than a joey in a pouch, and the 3-strand handbraided hatband adds that dash of bushman flair.

And don’t fret about this beauty flying off at the first gust of wind; thanks to the built-in chinstrap facility, it’ll stick to you like gum to a boot. Available from a nifty XS all the way up to a whopping XXL, we’ve got every head size covered.

So chuck on a Big Jim’s Bush Hat, grab your swag, and step out into the sun. Whether you're exploring the backcountry or just escaping the city’s bustle, Big Jim’s is more than just a hat—it’s a heritage, rugged as the land we love and as dependable as the Aussie spirit.

Style #: 3H11

Material & Care

Full Grain Leather 

Highest quality bovine leather retaining the complete grain layer. It features the most strength and durability of all leather types, displaying natural textures and uncorrected imperfections that enhance its aesthetic

  • Do not wash or dry clean – brush off dirt with a soft brush or wipe clean with a damp cloth. Periodically apply leather conditioners to maintain flexibility and prevent drying out.
  • Avoid leaving leather goods in a hot car where the high temperatures may affect the quality and finish of the leather.
  • A good rule of thumb is - if it's too hot to touch, then it's too hot for your hat!

Customer Reviews

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Yes, just perfect!

I am beyond happy with this hat! Have been looking for years after a hat like this, and finally I found one🤠 Amazing quality, fabric, and it fits perfect. Gonna be ordering some more soon!

Very high quality hats

I recently purchased 3 hats from Kakadu Australia. One was their Big Jim’s Bush Hat.

I have worn all three hats and I can state without any reservation that all three hats are of the highest quality and I am so pleased that I purchased these hats.

Before purchasing I did my research. I wanted to support local businesses, so that was a primary focus. Through my research I found several Companies that are Australian and producing such hats. My further research focused on the comments from purchasers about their experiences and comments about their purchases. I then considered range of hats available, materials used, quality, and then the price of their hats.

All of my research led me to choose Kakadu Traders Australia.

So I then purchased not one, but three hats. All three are my favourite because I use each hat for different occasions. They all fit well, of the highest quality, extremely well made and are very well priced.

The three hats I purchase are one of each of the following.

Darwin Breeze Hat in Brown
Big Jim's Bush Hat - Brown
Bourke Breeze Wide Brim Soaka Hat

As a final comment,

I had reason to contact Kakadu to discuss a matter, and I spoke with Rita. Rita was excellent in her professionalism and was pleasant to deal with.

I have no reservation in recommending Kakadu’s hats!


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Good quality 👌

Good quality

Comfortable and good quality hat