Multipal Row Rating
First Chek 1
Second Chek 2
Third Chek 3
Fourth Chek 4
Five Chek 5
Six Chek 6
Seven Chek 7
Eight Chek 8
Nine Chek 9
Ten Chek 10
Elevan Chek 11
Twel Chek 12
Thirty Chek 13


Richard and his wife Catherine Whillas first constructed their own oilskin cloth using a 'wringer mangler' and a combination of oils and waxes found on the local land. Known for its functionality and durability, this cloth was ideal to protect their family and wharf equipment against the harsh artic winds as they manned the Cappe Jaffa lighthouse.

Eventually parts of the family would go onto manufacture outerwear garments and hats for Australians and later, as word spread, worldwide. It was during this time that "Kakadu Traders Australia" would become a brand, synonymous with quality, comfort, and durability.

50 years on and still under the watchful eyes of the Whillas family, Kakadu Traders Australia supplies tough, reliable products worldwide. Strong canvas, refined oils & waxes and rugged cowhide are amongst the raw materials that give our products the guts to get the job done time & time again.