From the classic cowboy look to the ever-practical outdoor protection to edgy-chic style, leather and suede hats have proven to be a timeless accent that brings more personality to the wearer. They are a fashion favorite but they are also loved for their durability and versatility. 

Suede Leather Hats

However, being an Aussie staple, these comfort pieces, especially when worn regularly, can easily get stained or scuffed. But worry not. Leather and suede are two materials that age gracefully and keeping them in tip-top shape isn’t even as difficult as it seems. With proper tender loving care, you can be sure to enjoy your leather and suede hats for many years to come. 

Caring for Your Leather Hat

1. Don’t leave sweat stains for too long

Sweat stains are normal on leather hats, but if you fail to get rid of that as soon as you can, it won’t come off easily. To clean sweat stains, rub the surface softly using baby shampoo and a damp cloth. You can also wipe off the excess solution with a soft cloth. Let it dry before using the hat again. 

2. Keep it away from alcohol-based products

Never apply perfume or hair spray while wearing your Aussie hat. Using alcohol-based products will stain the leather. Make sure to allow perfumes or hair products to dry completely. 

3. Use the right leather conditioner

Only use a high-quality leather conditioner to care for your leather hat for added protection. Leather conditioner keeps your leather in shiny and clean condition. If desired, you may also apply water repellent solutions. 

4. Don’t pin or stick anything 

Make sure to never attach any tape, label, badge, or pin to your leather hat as this may scratch, deface, and deform the hat.

5. Embellish with care

If you, however, really want to add embroidery or emblems to make it more personal, ask a professional to do so. This is to avoid ugly holing due to incorrect stitching practices. 

Kakadu Hats

Caring for Your Suede Hat

1. Clean it regularly

If you’re wearing suede hats daily, clean it weekly using a soft bristle brush to remove dust and dirt. You’ll find it difficult to remove once the dust accumulates. If there are matted surfaces, you may counter it with an emery cloth. For oily stains, dust it with cornstarch or talcum powder and let the powder absorb the oil. 

2. Use a gentle cleaning solution

If you happen to see extra tough stains, spot treat the hat with water and mild detergent solution. Once done, rinse it with a clean damp cloth. Allow your suede Aussie hat to air dry and brush right after. Make sure that the hat is entirely dry before you wear it again or before you store it. 

3. Use spray-on protector

Treat your suede suede hat with a spray-on protector as this will protect it from excessive staining and repel rain at the same time. A good spray-on protector should be able to retain the suede’s softness and shape. 

4. Keep it away from liquid

By all means, avoid getting your hat wet (unless of course when it needs a bit of liquid during cleaning). If the inevitable happens, simply shake off the excess water or liquid and let the hat air dry. To prevent it from deforming or shrinking, dry it on a hat form. 

5. Mind the nap

The fine fibers you feel standing up on suede are referred to as the nap. To restore and keep the nap in great condition, brush it well using a suede brush. This will remove dust and dirt trapped within the nap. 

Final Thoughts

Leather and suede hats come in different designs and you’ll always find something that suits the challenges of the climate and the complexity of your taste. Our Kakadu hats are available in a wide array of designs that both cater to style and functionality. Once you find the perfect hat, the next step is to ensure you’re practicing proper care to retain its quality. Taking care of your leather and suede means you understand the value of the material and the craftsmanship that’s been put into it, and that you want something you’d be proud of wearing. And for that, hats off to you!

December 02, 2020 — Lea W
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