What hats offers the best sun protection?

What hats offers the best sun protection?

If you’ve ever had to put in long hours on the job in the harsh Australian sun you know you need a bloody decent hat to keep your skin protected. So what makes a good sun hat?
November 30, 2022 — melissa whillas
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Why You Should Include A Leather Hat In Your Wardrobe

Looking for a simple accessory to complement your look? Then, you should include a leather hat in your wardrobe. Find out why in this article.
April 08, 2021 — Jessica Roberts
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3 Reasons To Buy An Australian Leather Hat

So, you’re looking for a new hat? You might be considering a range of options, but here’s why a leather hat could be the best. Leather hats are long-lasting, comfortable...
February 09, 2021 — melissa whillas
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Why Leather is a Sustainable Option

There has been a bit of a conversation about the sustainability of using leather and comparing it to the alternatives. While leaning towards more sustainability in fashion and how we...
January 21, 2021 — melissa whillas
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The Appeal of the Australian Leather Hat

At Kakadu Traders Australia we have enjoyed seeing the continuous appeal towards the famous Australian leather bush hat. Many people might look back and think that an Aussie hat wouldn’t...
December 03, 2020 — Jessica Roberts

Why choose Australian Made leather hats?

The Australian sun has a much-deserved reputation the world over for being harsh and unrelenting. At Kakadu Traders Australia, we understand this and are determined to ensure that we use...
October 07, 2020 — Jessica Roberts
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Premium-quality Leather Hats

As a brand that is synonymous with quality, comfort, and durability and in operation and supplying over fifty countries with our high quality leather hat among other premium quality goods,...
September 11, 2020 — Jessica Roberts

Kakadu Proudly Supporting the Scouts

Kakadu hats are a perfect match for the Scouts.  
December 16, 2014 — Craig whillas