Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat

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The Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat features:
  • UPF 50+
  • Water resistant
  • Western Block
  • Leather loop hatband with Longhorn badge
  • Chinstrap facility
  • Ventilation eyelets
  • Built from embossed pull-up leather
  • Brim: 8 cm
  • Crown: 10 cm
  • Australian Made

Now Available in XS for Kids and 3XL for 65cm heads!


The Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat: The Hat worth Reaching For.

Just like the brumbies that grace our mountain ranges, the Brumby Shapeable is tough as guts, and ready for any bumpy ride. This beauty is not your ordinary hat—it's a statement that represents the grit and charm of the Australian outback that we all know and love. 

Made from genuine embossed pull-up leather, this hat is tougher than a kangaroo's hide and built to withstand the harshest of sun-soaked adventures. Whether you're bush-bashing, fishing for trout in the Murray, or just enjoying a beer at the local, the Brumby's got your back (and your head) covered. 

What sets the Brumby apart from the rest of the herd is its shapeable brim. Yep, don’t get it twisted! This hat is as versatile as a jackaroo with a Swiss army knife. Customize the wide brim to suit your mood, your style, or simply to keep those rays off your face. Whether you want it bent like a digger, up like a grazier, or flat like a farmer, the Brumby offers it all. 

The Brumby Shapeable Leather Hat isn't just tough and good-looking; it's also darn comfortable. Crafts from a pull-up grain leather, it is topped with a linked headband for comfort, and bullhorns and rivets to show you mean business. The signature tall pinched crown offers that classic cowboy look, and ventilation eyelets, chinstrap facilities and UPF 50+ rating will keep you comfy, secure and protected on any summer scorcher. 

Slip it on, shape it up, and get ready to turn heads wherever you roam. It's time to embrace your inner brumby, and kick up a storm that’d make Banjo Patterson proud!

Style #: 6HW46

Material & Care

Embossed Pull-up Leather

High-quality, aniline-dyed bovine leather treated with a unique blend of oils and waxes. The leather exhibits a beautiful color change effect when the leather is stretched or bent, enhancing its vintage aesthetic and making each piece unique.

  • Do not wash or dry clean – brush off surface dirt with a soft brush and/or wipe clean with a damp rag.
  • Periodically apply a leather conditioner to maintain water resistance and protect the finish.
  • To avoid oil transfer,
  • keep away from light-colored fabrics, especially in warm conditions.
  • Avoid leaving leather goods in a hot car where the high temperatures may affect the quality and finish of the leather.
  • A good rule of thumb is - if it's too hot to touch, then it's too hot for your hat!

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Amazing Product

Before this product I was having problems finding a hat I could wear at my workplace because felt leather hats would irritate my scalp because the chemicals I would work with would gwet under there and irritate my scalp. My dad recommend I get a leather hat, and friends + a Facebook ad recommended I do business with Kakadu. I can say I have not been disappointed. I've had no scalp irritation since wearing it, and it's a nice looking hat that's made of a high quality. Shipping was very prompt. All up I couldn't be happier. I have a hat which is fit for purpose, stylish, and very well priced. I'll definitely refer people to Kakadu from now on!

Great Style

Fast delivery and perfect fit. Well made will last a lifetime.


Quick delivery, very comfortable and looks great!

What return policy???

I ordered a couple hats of different sizes to be sure of the fit. Over the past week I have tried repeatedly to take advantage of their return policy. I have tried emailing, tried their contact page, and even a message to their Facebook page. Not one single response. I’m just wanting to return and order in a couple proper sized waxed kangaroo hide hats and spend more money. The hat itself seams well made and very comfortable.

Great hat

My son loved it. Thanks.