Colac Shirt - Full Placket

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Alright, you magnificent blokes, brace yourselves for the ultimate winter essential: the Colac Shirt. It's not just a shirt, it's your steadfast partner-in-crime when the chilly winds start a blowing and the campfire yarns get even hotter.

Crafted to perfection, the Colac is tougher than a tortoise’s shell and warm enough to rival a much needed campfire. This ain't your average flimsy flannel; it's a robust winter warrior that laughs in the face of frostbite. Whether you're hiking through the frost-kissed bush, casting a line into an icy river, or simply kicking back at the local pub, the Colac's got you wrapped up tighter than a python's squeeze.

Now, let's talk pockets, mate. The Colac boasts not one, but two large chest flap pockets—perfect for stashing your essentials or impressing your mates with your pen-holding prowess. And those action back pleats? They're like a secret weapon, giving you the freedom to move, no matter the terrain.

But hold your horses, there's more to this shirt than meets the eye. Decked out with custom Kakadu metal buttons and rivets, the Colac is like a finely-tuned 4x4 for your wardrobe. It's made from 100% brushed flannel fabric, so soft and snug it's like being wrapped in a koala's hug. And did we mention it's been washed for comfort? Slip it on, and you'll feel like you've been wearing it for years, its that comfy.

So, whether you're trudging through snow-dusted trails, conquering frosty peaks, or just sippin' on a steaming cuppa by the bonfire, the Colac Shirt is the one you need to embrace that winter chill.

The Colac Shirt Features:

  • Two large chest flap pockets.
  • Action back pleats for ease of motion.
  • Custom Kakadu metal buttons and rivets.
  • Made in 100% brushed flannel fabric.
  • Washed for comfort.

Sizes: XS - 4XL

Fabric Type: Cotton Flannel

Style #: 22MS75F

Customer Reviews

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Quality product at a good price and looks good.


I bought green one before, size and quality is very good. So I bought grey check one again. But that shirt size is very different to the green one and quality is not good either.