Like a best mate a good belt will hold you up through the ups and the downs life will no doubt throw your way. Built from heavy duty genuine leather and finished off with solid hardware, Kakadu belts are timeless as they are tough with a never say die grit to them that will go the hard yards. A true blue bush outfit should always be finished with a rugged single or double keeper belt. Our Australian made leather belts use the best raw materials and deliver a top quality belt at an affordable price. Our signature seven hole adjustable waist means that over time when your waist size changes throughout the different seasons you’ll be able to find the perfect hole size to fit.


From our trusty 40mm country classic belts with our signature keepers to let them know you’re wearing the good stuff, to comfortable elasticated and hand woven belts,  we’ve got a belt for whatever journey you’re on. The perfect gift for any bloke or sheila, guesstimate your mates waist size or sneak a peak at your missus jeans size and grab them a belt for the festive season. Suitable for men and women our leather belts are an essential to any wardrobe for both urban and country living.


Looking to wholesale or retail our made in Australia leather belts? We’ve been a trusted wholesale supplier of jackets, coats, shirts, bags, belts and accessories for nearly 50 years so feel free to give us a call on +61 2 970 3555 and talk to a member of our helpful staff.