Workhorse Drover Jacket

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The Workhorse Jacket Features:
  • Removable storm cape
  • Patch flap pockets with side entry
  • Storm placket
  • Inner riding straps
  • Adjustable snap cuffs
  • Australia map lining
  • Corduroy collar
  • Built from oilskin canvas
  • Imported


The Workhorse Drover Jacket is the rugged beauty you've been waiting for to accompany you on your wild bush adventures and beyond. This jacket isn't just clothing; it's a chunk of Aussie heritage, as tough and ready as any outback explorer.

Available in no-nonsense black or rugged brown, the Workhorse is built from our trusty Australian Oilskin canvas, known for its unbeatable protection against the elements. Rain or shine, this jacket’s got your back, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable whether you're herding cattle or chasing the sunset.

What makes this Drover Jacket a true blue legend? It’s packed with features as practical as they are clever. The removable storm cape isn’t just for weathering storms; it's perfect for those sudden downpours or as an extra shield against the biting wind. Underneath, a storm placket keeps the rain and cold firmly out, while the adjustable snap cuffs ensure a snug fit to keep the chill at bay.

Let’s talk pockets because this jacket has them in spades. The two big front flap patch pockets aren't just spacious; they also offer side entry to keep your hands warm and your essentials within easy reach. Plus, inner riding straps make this jacket a rider’s best friend, giving you that extra bit of security in the saddle.

The comfort details are just as thoughtful. With a comfy corduroy collar to keep your neck warm and a 100% cotton lining that sports a stenciled map of Australia, this jacket is as stylish on the inside as it is on the outside.

The Workhorse Drover Jacket is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s an iconic part of the Kakadu collection. Designed for style and function, it embodies the spirit of the Australian bush. Whether you’re facing a week in the wilderness or a day in the city, pull on this jacket and carry a bit of the untamed landscape with you. It’s not just for wearing; it’s for living the adventure.

Sizes: XS - 5XL

Style #: 4J02

Material & Care


Heavy-duty cotton canvas impregnated with oils and waxes which is wind and water resistant yet breathable. It is durable and ideal for outdoor use, with a distinctive rugged texture that ages beautifully over time

  • Do not wash or dry clean – brush or wipe clean with a damp rag or a spray with a hose if it's really dirty.
  • Rewax as needed to maintain maximum water resistance.
  • To prevent the transfer of oils, avoid prolonged contact between oilskin goods and light-colored fabrics, especially in warm weather.
  • When not in use for prolonged periods, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve the fabric’s quality and functionality.

Customer Reviews

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Impressive Quality !!!!

My new favorite jacket! Completely waterproof, very comfortable ! Definitely a must have! I bought from Chile and I receipt in 9 days!


there's been no rain here in WA fir the last 6 months so I'm forward planning for winter 2024 on my 5 acre bush block in Perth south metro.
Ice tried it on, feels great and size right for being able to to have other winter garments under as I ordered for 2 sizes larger than my normal size. The size chart supplied by Kakadu is correct and their oilskin is therefore size correct.
I don't order 4Xl clothes from China as there is no guarantee it will even size fit 2XL aa a comparison.
Consequently all good so far.

Quality Jacket

I have worn oilskin coats and jackets for over 45 years. These jackets are not a fashion statement for me but an essential item of clothing that protects me from the elements whilst I make a living. After around a month of use i can confidently state, "This is a quality jacket". As a bonus, great Aussie family run business. Support them. You will not be disappointed.

present to self

great coat my wife has had hers for a few years

Great Jacket

What a beautiful quality Jacket. My winters are going to be warm and stylish!