Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka Breeze Hat


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Get ready to beat the heat like a true-blue Aussie with the Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka Breeze Hat—a Kakadu classic with a refreshing twist. It's a summer savior designed to keep you cool, comfy, and stylish as you bask under the scorching Australian sun.

The Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka Breeze Hat is built tough, just like the legendary bushmen it's inspired by. Crafted with care right here in Australia, this hat can handle everything from rugged hikes to wild fishing expeditions, all while keeping you looking as cool as a cucumber. Its extra-wide brim offers more shade than a gum tree, ensuring your face stays protected from those blazing UV rays. And the breeze mesh? It's like having a natural air conditioner right on your head! The clever ventilation design keeps the air flowing, giving you a refreshing blast even in the hottest of summers.

The Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka Breeze Hat comes with a hand-braided hatband, adding that touch of rustic Aussie charm. And let's not forget the built-in chinstrap—it's the secret weapon against gusty winds and runaway hats. 

Now, here's where the Soaka truly shines—its evaporative cooling abilities thanks to our micro-suede fabric. When the going gets hot, simply wet the fabric, and let the magic happen. As the hot air passes through the wet Soaka material, moisture evaporates, creating a refreshing cool breeze around your head. It's like having your own personal oasis in the arid Aussie desert.

So, whether you're exploring the red sands of the outback or chilling by the beach with a cold one in hand, the Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka Breeze Hat is your go-to summer essential. It's proudly Aussie-made, ultra-lightweight, and ready to tackle the hottest days. The Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka Breeze Hat: Wet, Wear & Wind.

All hats in our Soaka micro-suede range come with a built-in chinstrap and are ultra-lightweight - they weigh less than 150gm / 5oz.

Please Note: Fawn colour out of stock until March 2023 however we do have Fawn in the Torquay Breeze that you can see here

The Kalgoorlie Wide Brim Soaka Breeze Hat features:
  • Australian Made.
  • Breeze mesh around the side for ventilation.
  • Classic Block.
  • Hand braided hatband.
  • Built in chin strap.
  • Soaka - Micro suede with PVC mesh.

Style #: 7H16A

Customer Reviews

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Kakadu broad brim

Good hat for around the yard.
When windy the brim is a bit light and gets pushed up a bit but otherwise great


Exquisite shape and great materials! Tried to be accurate on sizing, per your chart, but the large is a tad tight. My error. Have the drover's coat and they look perfect together.

Practicality and Value

These hats are great. Nice wide brim gives good protection while the mesh allows for ventilation. It works. My wife has worn her soaka breeze for 10 years. I'm thin on top so need a good hat, so I bought two.

Very Pleased

Quick delivery, great hat. Birthday present for son, he loved it.

Great hat

I've been wearing it every day since I got it highly recommend & have already sent the link to friends who tried mine when I first received it.