Torquay Breeze Soaka


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When temperatures soar, this is the hat you need! The Torquay Breeze has ventilating mesh and a wide brim to keep the sun off your face and neck. It is ultra-lightweight weighing less than 150gm / 5oz.


The Torquay Breeze Soaka Hat features:
  • Australian Made.
  • Ventilating mesh to keep you cool.
  • Wide Brim for extra protection.
  • Contrast hand braided hatband.
  • Built in chin strap.
  • Poly suede Soaka fabric.

Style #: 5H66A

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Torquay Breeze Hat

Hi All.
This is the third of this model hat I have bought over the last 20 years.
The first one got swept off my head when I was fishing at South End near Millicent in South Australia. The second one I still wear but I wanted a lighter coloured one for working outside in the summer months. They are great hats for the warmer weather and it's all I wear during the warmer weather in South Australia. During the colder wetter months I usually wear an Akubra as this is all I have ever worn. No one has offered to try and change my mind on the "Kubie" but I would be willing to test drive one if the price is right, eg.$00.00
Hope you all enjoy your Kakadu hats as I do.

Bonza beaty hat

Good quality, absolutely fantastic hat, you need 2 one for home one for out and about.