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Get ready to meet our best-selling hat that'll have you breezing through the great Aussie wilderness with ease—the Soaka Breeze Hat. It's not just some  hat; it's a trusty mate that combines durability, versatility, and that unmistakable functional class that we Aussies are famous for. 

The Soaka Breeze is a true Kakadu classic, designed to keep you cool even in the scorching summer heat. How, you ask? Well, it's all thanks to the ventilating mesh that lets the breeze flow through like a welcome bush breeze. Say goodbye to sweaty scalps and damp hair, and hello to cool comfort throughout your explorations.

But wait, there's more! This hat is as lightweight as a feather floating on the breeze. Weighing in at less than 150 grams, you'll hardly notice it's on your head. Made right here in the land Down Under, the Soaka Breeze Hat is built to withstand the elements with ease despite its light construction. The Soaka Breeze boasts a hand-braided hatband that adds a touch of bush charm, and the micro-suede with PVC mesh construction ensures durability without sacrificing breathability. It's the perfect hat to battle the harsh Australian sun without sacrificing your looks, so you can wear it in the yard or at the next Bush Ball. 

So, whether you're going walkabout, casting a line in the Murray, or simply savoring a cold one by the beach, the Soaka Breeze Hat has got your back (or rather, your head) covered. Slip it on, feel the cool breeze caress your face, and let your adventurous spirit soar. It's time to conquer the great outdoors with a hat that's as Aussie as a redback in the dunny!

All hats in our Soaka micro-suede range are ultra-lightweight - they weigh less than 150gm / 5oz.

The Soaka Breeze Hat features:
  • Australian Made
  • Water resistant
  • Lowlander Block
  • Hand braided hatband
  • Soaka - Micro-suede with PVC mesh
  • Brim: 7.5 cm
  • Crown: 8.5 cm

Style #: 5H16A

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Really great hat it’s my second one getting a bit tate naw me old one but still All right for work

Really great hat

Really comfortable fit and keeps the old noggin cool.
Would love to be able to get one in grey to match our company uniforms.

Soaka Breeze perfect

The hat I have been looking for for my plein air outings painting the Oregon Coast in oils. Doesn't slip or need adjustment. Shelters my face from the sun. And to top it off it looks really cool. Have one for painting out and another for just exploring and enjoying the coast.

Just perfect!

Purchased the Soaka Breeze Hat for our grandson for Christmas and he was so proud of it! Barely took it off. Then the new puppy got hold if it and did much damage causing a very sad boy. We chatted about things and he has decided to forgo Easter eggs this year to get a brand new hat to replace the damaged one. Big decision for a 6 year old, but a great advertisement for the hat!


Love it, good fit and Australian made